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Pallet Shuttle Storage Solutions – A first step to automated warehouse

For businesses where space is at a real premium, Pallet Suttle systems can be the first step towards a fully optimised and automated solution.
Constructor’s new Pallet Shuttle System can be designed as either a semi or fully automated storage solution for handling goods in high-density areas that makes optimum use of space while improving efficiency.

The Pallet Shuttle System will save you both time and space, which in the fast-moving world of logistics equates to saving money.


There are many benefits with the Pallet Shuttle System:
• Increased Storage Capacity
• Optimisation of storage, loading and unloading stages
• High operating speeds
• Good reliability (minimum maintenance for the Autosat® Shuttle and almost none for the racking)
• Reduced number of operators
• Reduced number of forklifts required
• No requirement for specialised forklift trucks
• Reduced operating costs

Saving time is obvious as a forklift truck does not need to enter the storage channel. The time required to position the pallets perfectly at the picking face or to retrieve the pallets is automatically handled by the Pallet Shuttle System, hence increasing the speed substantially.

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