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Heco Filtration A/S

Heco Filtration A/S is a Danish company that has delivered filter solutions of any kind to large sections of the manufacturing industry since its foundation of 1959.

Based on its comprehensive process knowledge the company develops and manufactures a large number of different standard filter products. And the company solves and offers a wide range of special tasks within filtration that are tailored to the needs of the individual customer.

Consultancy services, problem solving, installation and servicing are important elements in the company’s activities.
With Heco Filtration A/S as your partner, you will benefit from experience gained and expertise acquired through more than 50 years of filtration research, development and installations.

Heco Filtration A/S supply filters for manufacturing of food and medicin and are therefore under regularly supervision of the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

Heco Filtration A/S is characterised by high quality and reliability of supply.

The company is based on manufacture and development of liquid filters for the manufacturing industry, power stations, district heating plants, cooling systems, the pharmaceutical industry, etc. Quality, precision, and expertise have been the backbone of our company throughout our history.

Heco Filtration A/S is quality-minded and strives to ensure that our customers obtain:
- Better utilisation of machinery and equipment,
- Greater reliability,
- Extended service life of machinery and equipment.

Our filter range offers more than 20,000 different combinations, providing great flexibility when selecting the correct solution and ensuring the best possible project economy.

All filters naturally comply with applicable standards and approvals.
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Facts about Heco Filtration A/S

Address (See on map)
Heco Filtration A/S
Hecovej 1
8722 Hedensted

Hedensted Kommune

Phone: +45 76741660

Fax: +45 76741666

VAT Number: DK13457476

P Number: 1000567379

Employees: 24

Certificates: ISO 9001:2008

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