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PG Flowteknik Scandinavia ApS

PG Flowteknik Scandinavia was formed in 2003 as a full service distributor of instrumentation and control products for the process industry.

Our company was founded with some basic yet fundamental ideals. It is our duty to the customer to offer the best total value in order to earn his business. To us, value includes product quality, performance, service and price. Our products offer solutions that result in the lowest overall cost of ownership to the end user.

Because of advances in machining technology, high quality products are being produced all over the world at significant cost savings. Many of our customers are international in scope and understand this very well. We keep an open mind and evaluate products based on quality and performance regardless of where they are manufactured.

We invite you to give us a call to discuss our history, where we are heading in the future, and how we can help reduce your cost, thereby increasing your bottom line.
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Facts about PG Flowteknik Scandinavia ApS

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PG Flowteknik Scandinavia ApS
Rugvaenget 19 C
2630 Taastrup


Phone: +45 73841230

Fax: +45 73841280

VAT Number: DK31469090

P Number: 1014441022

Employees: 1

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