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Kapema A/S

Kapema is to be an international trading company in the business of buying and selling metalworking machinery. It is our vision to be a profitable and innovative business based on a positive view of human nature and being able to attract skilled staff and external partners.

Kapema’s mission is to be a competent and reliable supplier of standard metalworking machinery. The machinery must satisfy the customers' need for efficiency, be reliable and simple to operate, and comply with the safety and environmental standards required.

Quality objective:
The customers must receive products that correspond to their requirements and expectations!

We must ensure that the customers' expectations coincide with our own perception of product quality requirements.

Kapema was founded in 2004 by Kai and Peter Mortensen who is representing more than 30 years experience in sales of machines for sheet metal working. Sales and marketing on the international market and the service support for customers have through all the years been synonymous for the two owners, who formerly owned and sold the well-known and well-reputed HM machines through H.M.Production and H.M.Machinery. Kapema is situated in Thisted, Denmark, where a big stock with all machines and spare parts has been established. The machines are produced worldwide by selected manufacturers who have proved their ability to make the best machinery at the most competitive prices. With such solid foundation, Kapema will guarantee top-quality products, fast delivery and optimum service.
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Facts about Kapema A/S

Address (See on map)
Kapema A/S
Vilhelmsborgvej 16A, 7700 Thisted, Denmark
7700 Thisted

Thisted Kommune

Phone: +45 96188700

Fax: +45 96188709

VAT Number: DK28151489

P Number: 1010915240

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