Metal Supply - Marketplace Marketplace en [Selling] [New] Manual Bandsaw type MAN-R Manual band saw machine with full manual operation. The machine is designed for cutting of material in vertical and angle cuts, angle cuts are possible to set fluently from 0 to 60 grades to the right. Change of angle using quick clamping handle. It is suitable for piece production and small series production. Thanks to its rugged construction it enables cutting of wide range of materials including stainless steels and tools steels as well as profiles and full materials. The machine has a sturdy design, and is constructed so it corresponds to extreme exertions in productive conditions. • Arm is 25 degrees sloped, it increases the lifetime of blade. Arm is placed in adjustable bearings. • The vice is made of cast iron and the jaws allow a safe grip. • The manually operated vice is situated in an adjustable dovetail • Leading blade in high quality metal. • Automatic regulation of blade tension. Mechanical tightening of the blade • Drive of machine is solved by worm gear box with permanent oil filling. • Three phase engine with double winding, two cutting speeds. • Thermo protection of engine. Pegas Gonda MAN-R Wed, 18 Feb 2015 08:45:54 +0100 [Selling] [New] Manual circular saw type CS CS circular saws are machines in a rigid cast-iron design for cutting all kinds of sections and solid material. Standard equipment: coolant system, base, side-gauge and quick-adjusting vice. Angular cuts left 0-45°. Two speeds for optimum cutting of all material. Kapema CS Wed, 18 Feb 2015 08:41:05 +0100 [Selling] [New] Bandsaw type BS BS 100 & BS 100 VAR with stepless adjustment of blade speed   Bandsaws type BS 100 are compact and well-dimensioned machines suitable for cutting all kinds of material. Handy for field and construction site applications. Automatic stop function. On/off button in handle for easy and safe operation. Blade guides on ball-bearings. Quick-adjusting vice and side-gauge. Wed, 18 Feb 2015 08:37:50 +0100 [Selling] [Used] Used 800 mm Kasto Hack Saw USED HACK SAW MANUF. KASTO, MODEL UBS 800 Max. cutting capacity 800 mm Hydraulic Hydraulic vices Equipped with: 3 spare blades Tue, 18 Nov 2014 09:05:10 +0100 [Selling] [Used] NC-Controlled Amada Bandsaw MODEL HFA 250 - BUILT 1990 Capacity: 250 mm dia 280 x 250 mm 300 x 175 mm Motor power 4,6 Kw Sawblade size 3505 x 32 x 1,1 mm Hydraulic Accessories: Chip conveyor Tue, 07 Oct 2014 10:46:13 +0200 [Selling] [Used] Behringer HBP 340A Automatic Bandsaw STOCK NO.: 3002 AUT. BAND SAW MANUFACTURE: Behringer, TYPE: HBP 340A SERIAL NO.: 485190, BUILD: 1985 Specifications: Max. sawing capacity dia. 340 mm dia Stepless cutting speed 17-120 mm/min Total motor power 7 kW Automatic feeding. Coolant. Chip conveyor. Length 2300, Height 2000, Width 2450, Weight 2500 Behringer HBP 340A 1985 3002 Tue, 16 Sep 2014 13:42:57 +0200 [Selling] [Used] Amada HA 400 Automatic Bandsaw STOCK NO.: 3001 AUT. BAND SAW MANUFACTURE: AMADA, TYPE: HA 400 SERIAL NO.: 40600273, BUILD: 1981 Specifications: Max. sawing capacity dia. 400 mm dia Total motor power 7,25 kW Stepless cutting speed 15-90 mm/min Automatic feeding. Coolant. Chip conveyor. Length 2500, Height 1650, Width 2300, Weight 2000 Amada HA 400 1981 3001 Tue, 16 Sep 2014 13:31:56 +0200 [Selling] [Used] 7466 - KALTENBACH Automatic circular saw,CNC Cutting adjustable +/- 60 ° Max. circular saw blade diameter 400 Cutting speed m/min 6 - 43 Max. power 5,5 Kw Equipped with: NC - Control Coolant Service tools etc. KALTENBACH KKS 401 1993 Thu, 20 Feb 2014 10:49:16 +0100 [Selling] [New] Band saw from Kallesoe Machinery A/S This band saw is designed for the sawing of wedges in composite material – in this case composite material to be used in the blade production in the wind power industry. The operator places the work piece on the conveyor belt and presses it against the fixed guide, after which the conveyor belt automatically conveys the work piece through the processing unit in which the actual sawing is carried out. The work piece is held against the conveyor belt by means of vacuum zones under the belt. The work piece is led through a pre-cutting device with knives, to prevent the edge to fray during the actual sawing process. After this, the work piece runs through a circular saw blade cutting an angle of 90° and the band saw cuts through the remaining material. Due to its unique design and its massiveness, the band saw is distinguished by the fact that it can cut very thin and precise sharp angles – even in porous material. This increased precision means that waste in production will be reduced. Mon, 06 Dec 2010 13:14:15 +0100 [Selling] [Used] 6649 - BAUER Band saw Band saw, Make BAUER, Model S 380. Max. diameter 90°/45° 380 mm Rectangle 90°/45° 615 x 310 / 400 x 290 mm Saw blade 4450 x 34 x 1,0 mm Stepless mitre 45 ° Click here and take a look at our web site. Wed, 20 Aug 2008 14:43:40 +0200